SMS Youth Hockey Association

SMS bylaws Pertaining to Coaching Philosophy and Zero Tolerance:

The Sudbury Maynard Stow Youth Hockey Association is a non-profit organization operating youth hockey and learn to skate programs for the benefit of the residents of Sudbury, Maynard, Stow and several surrounding communities. The purposes of the Corporation are:

  1. To develop character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness while striving to teach participating children and young people the skills of ice skating and the game of hockey;
  2. To promote, encourage and improve the standard of amateur ice hockey in Massachusetts;
  3. To foster the values of integrity, fair play, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence through hard work at every level of the organization;
  4. To promote fun and enjoyment for every participant;
  5. To associate with other ice hockey associations embracing these values;
  6. To conduct a youth hockey program consistent with the by-laws, rules and regulations of Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey
  7. To perform or participate in other activities that will aid in achieving these objectives.

Furthermore, all boys and girls of the Association:

The SMS Youth Hockey Association shall be dedicated to provide for the maximum number of youth to participate in its programs. It will establish, operate and manage programs, which are necessary and appropriate for recreational hockey and shall conduct an annual search for sponsors as well as promoting other fund raising activities, as may be deemed necessary to remain solvent and affordable.

Zero Tolerance - Section 7: Sexual, Physical, and Verbal Abuse

The Sudbury Maynard Stow Youth Hockey Association has an explicit policy of zero tolerance for the sexual, physical, or verbal abuse of any participant in its programs. Each of the Directors of the corporation has an open door policy to any member of the association, and an obligation to bring forward to the full Board of Directors any allegation of abuse for the purpose of diligently investigating such allegations and taking what the Board considers is an appropriate response, if warranted, to ensure the safety and well being of all participants in the SMS Youth Hockey Association. Also, in furtherance of this strict policy, the Corporation fully abides by the screening procedures and requirements of Article XIX of the Rules and Regulations of Massachusetts Hockey.

Zero Tolerance - Section 8: Ejection of Parent, Guardian, or Relatives of SMS Players

If any parent, guardian, or relative of an SMS player is ejected from a game or rink by a referee or any authorized rink official, then both the ejected party and the player shall be immediately suspended from any and all Association activities, including practices and games, for a minimum of thirty (30) days. The suspension may be extended for up to one year by a majority vote of Directors. Automatic 30 day suspensions may be appealed to the SMS Board of Executive Directors within five days of the date of the incident. If such an appeal is filed, the suspension shall be deferred until after a final determination has been made by the full Board of Directors, to be carried out within ten days of the appeal.