SMS is dedicated to the enjoyment and development of youth hockey players from Sudbury, Maynard, Stow, Bolton, Berlin and surrounding towns.

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SMS Mailing Address: SMS Youth Hockey, PO Box 79, Stow MA 01775

SMS Board: Roles and Responsibilities


Chief Executive Officer, preside at all SMSYHA meetings, ex-officio member of all Committees

  • One of two (the other being the Treasurer) authorized signatories for the SMSYHA
  • Oversee (with the VP & Tryout Coordinator) annual player evaluations and team placements


  • Focal point for all interaction with District 8 Registrar
  • Oversee (with the Treasurer and the Registrar) player registration and recruitment
  • Oversee (with the President and the Tryout Coordinator) annual player evaluations and team placements
  • Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence


Custody of all SMSYHA funds, preparation and maintenance of all financial statements

  • Prepare and present annual budget, oversee tax filings
  • Negotiate (with the President) ice contracts, insurance fees, league fees, and all other contracts which may arise as part of the SMSYHA's normal course of  business.
  • One of two (the other being the President) authorized signatories for the SMSYHA
  • Focal point for scholarship process
  • Oversee (with the Vice President & the Registrar) player registration & recruitment
  • Mail dues bills, maintain player/payment database, collect delinquent accounts, pay bills, pick up mail 
  • Keep on file all player registration forms, consent to treat and medical history forms, birth certificates, waiver liability form, and doctor's health forms, and insurance policies.


  • Record and publish minutes of all official meetings.  In charge of protocol, ensuring correct procedures are followed at all meetings, maintain records of past minutes. Record and follow-up on action items.
  • Place advertisements, announcements, and promote the publishing of SMS News in local papers.
  • Update and publish By-Laws,  issue notice and agenda for all meetings
  • Preside at Annual Meeting until new President is elected

Little Devils Coordinator (learn to play hockey program) 

  • Advise parents on appropriate programs for younger skaters as they begin their skating/hockey experience.
  • Propose, document, & update program structure, registration drives, ice requirements, and staffing. 
  • Research and introduce new concepts to SMS for Mite and Squirt programs.
  • Assist in transition of Mite age players to the squirt level.
  • Oversee on ice activity and ADM
  • Recruit and train coaches
  • Coordinate Tryouts and Team Placement
  • Act as communication link between Parents & Board


  • Forecast total practice hours required on weekly basis, work with Treasurer to procure needed ice time, and collaborate w/Treasurer on budget line item
  • Create and publish practice schedule via web and email.
  • Acquire league schedules from League Reps and be careful to avoid conflicts with game schedules.
  • Monthly ice "accounting" to board to report on practice equity between teams
  • Work with Clinician on scheduling clinics
  • Work with Tryout Coordinator on scheduling tryouts


  • Attend League meetings
  • Hold organizational meeting w/Coaches within 5 days of the league meeting to outline rink policies, procedures, and SMS guidelines and expectations
  • Distribute game schedules
  • Coordinate game schedule with Ice Scheduler
  • Resolve league issues such as player/coach suspensions, roster submissions, etc.


  • Propose and manage player evaluation and tryout process with the assistance of the President, Vice President, and other Board Members.
  • Be present during all tryout activities and be the "on-site" manager of all activities.  Be available to SMS Members to provide information and guidance during the tryout process
  • Coordinate with Vice President, Ice Scheduler and Treasurer for ice time and cost, on-ice evaluator appointments, pinnie assignments, drills, 4/4 pairings, etc.
  • With the assistance of the Vice President, compile coaches evaluations, tryout evaluations, and final placement recommendations, (for all age groups) and conduct the presentation to the SMS Board at the annual placement meeting.
  • Manage the fall re-evaluation process.


  • Attend League meetings
  • Hold organizational meeting w/Coaches within 5 days of the league meeting to outline rink policies, procedures, and SMS guidelines and expectations
  • Distribute game schedules
  • Coordinate game schedule with Ice Scheduler (practices)
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts (if any) between 1st  and 2nd League teams
  • Resolve league issues such as player/coach suspensions, roster submissions, etc.
  • Address problems of late starts, frequent schedule changes, and other issues impacting SMS morale at NESC
  • Coordinate all Second League activities, manage financial arrangements with oversight from the SMS Treasurer


  • Identify player skill development requirements as input for clinics to Clinician and Board
  • Along with Tryout Coordinator, disseminate & collect year end player evaluations
  • Act as coach advocate to the Board
  • Recruit coaches, maintain coach list and email distribution list
  • Inform all coaches of communications from Board
  • Monitor certification levels & requirements
  • Hold coaches meetings - coordinate with League Representatives
  • Conduct ongoing review of coach qualifications, performance, and development needs.
  • Distribute and collect coach evaluations and report to Board
  • Assist Clinician with on-ice help for clinics



  • Be aware of all USA/Mass Hockey registration requirements, procedures and cut-off dates.  Complete tasks within required time frames to avoid financial penalties.
  • Maintain Email distribution list for all SMS Members
  • Insure that all registration materials are current and published on the SMS web site.
  • Electronically register (USA/Mass Hockey provides software) all SMSYHA players and coaches using Treasurer's database as the information source
  • Update electronic registrations as necessary upon notice from the Treasurer
  • Inform Treasurer of any cost increases


  • Define responsibilities for team managers
  • Provide reference material for team managers, develop basic information handbook that team managers can provide to each player outlining what they need to know, expectations, and points of contact on the board.
  • Hold team manager meetings as necessary, make sure each team has a manager.
  • Inform all team managers of communications from Board.
  • Maintain team managers list and email distribution list.
  • Act as focal point for tournament planning and communication.
  • Coordinate Annual SMS Golf Tournament with outside contractor
  • Coordinate SMS Team and individual photos with outside contractor