Game Sheet Roster Sticker Template

There is an official Massachusetts Hockey Roster Sticker template for game sheets. This template is designed to work with Avery Labels 5263 (or any 2”x4” blank label). Enter player and coach information in the YELLOW box only. All other boxes will autofill with the information.

Required Information:

  • Massachusetts Hockey Code: Roster number (e.g. MAHXXXX-XXX). This number can be found on the Official USA Hockey roster from the SMS Registrar.
  • Team Name: How the team is listed by either the VHL or NSYHLT (e.g. SMS 10U AA)
  • Rostered players can be listed alphabetically or numerically. There is space on this template for 20 players and four coaches, which is the maximum allowed by USA Hockey.
  • Rostered coaches are to be listed in the following format: First Name Last Name, (CEP Number and Level), and Expiration Year (e.g. John Smith (123456) L3, 2022). This information is available on the Official USA Hockey roster from the SMS registrar.
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